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You are more than numbers

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

I’ve always wondered and never understood why we are obsessed with measuring life with numbers.

Numbers of; Bank balances, weight, medals, certificates, I.Q, cars, houses, opposite sex phone numbers, things we ticked off the to do list, social media likes etc etc.

It' everywhere and simple to get consumed by it and then as a side effect DEFINED by it.

Sure- It serves it's purpose from a goal orientated perspective, but we must check in with ourselves to see that we are maintaining a balanced and healthy mind.

This is your reminder today, that you are a human BEING and I assure you, regardless of the numbers you have or don't have, you are enough, you did enough. Since you are here, Let's take a moment together to contemplate this; The things you did do.

What did you do today that is unmeasurable?

Send a text, read a book, smile at a stranger, be kind, send a love note, apologies, hug, connect with your kids, your family or friends etc etc.

You see, not all of life can be defined in number format. If you can't think of any unmeasurable things, I prepared one for you, feel free to use this whenever numbers become too much.

Every second of every day, blood delivers vital nutrients, oxygen, and other chemicals to all of your organs. It also carts away your body's waste. In addition, flowing blood can cool you off or warm you up, when necessary.

The human body is a scientific marvel, performing precise but important tasks that are keeping you alive this very second.

In truth and reality, your numbers, lists or assets are not contributing massively to this process. Relax on your numbers. Be kind to yourself. You got this.

Build into your day conscious thoughts to the things that do not require numbers-

It will help keep you topped up with soul food during life's ups and downs.

If you want to take a deep dive into your inner world so it aligns with your external one, check out my online calendar for availability.

Hippie vibes and a shot of life to sign out,



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