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Time And Energy, Spend It Wisely.

You hold the power to cultivate and orchestrate the life you want to live.

It is your life, It is your time, It is your energy. Don't let the the expectations of society spend those two things for you.

If we start to value and align our time and energy, and really question the things we do, half our to do lists would be gone.

Attention to these two things will dilute stress, anxiety and overwhelm organically. By default we would be giving a bit less of a toot and we would naturally be staking out our boundaries.

The implementations of boundaries are difficult to start with, but over time you will start to see how they are beneficial to your relationships, energy and time.

We hold within us the ability to attune and center our inner world. When we understand ourselves as individuals we can move into a place where we feel authentically blessed rather than stressed. We can become aware of the things that top us up in energy and the things that drain us down. We can then make conscious choices to adjust our time and energy spends. Regularly as life changes.

What ever that 'lift up' looks like- Do it often. Purposely block time out of your day for it. When you feel good and are topped up, it naturally spills out and makes life easier to navigate. It adds a essence to all of life.

Now, your Brian will have a lifezilla attack about any potential change ( Just like a bridezilla brain- It will freak out). It likes to do this to keep you living as you are as It fully well knows there is a life beyond the restrictions of what it has created. If you are living what feels like your best authentic life, I applaud you and your brain!

If you are not feeling the way you want too, try to set your intentions to become mindful of the things that lift you up in life and the things that drain you- this has to be an honest exercise. There is no running or hiding from our thoughts and emotions. They spill out of us.

When you establish the things in life that lift you up, you can adjust your schedule and factor in more of that, and retract the stuff that makes you FEEL drained.

Your brain is going to come up with some elaborate things here in order to stop you moving forward, but just make the things that lift you up a priority.

( From my own experience my brain can get quite creative in its imagination to stop me doing what's best for me)

Time and energy are your greatest tools - Spend them as wisely as your cash to catapult you into an organic and authentic state of being rather than doing.

Have a wonderful weekend spending your time and energy as you see fit!

Much Hippie love

Mrs B x

P.S don't forget your earth star chakra :-) Ground peeps

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