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Rides those waves

There is a lot going on in the material world right now that can make us hit the worry hole that will suck our soul. Stay on top of the waves in this time by making your mind, body and soul a priority and reinforcing what it is in life that you are grateful of.

The world forever changes, this time it is more evident than ever before.

If we give all our thoughts, attention and awareness to the external world during the next few months, it is going to strip the spirit of life from within us and leave us drained. This prevents us from finding solutions or having the umph to do the things that actually make a difference to our overall wellbeing and our emotions will run amuck with us if we don't give ourselves an outlet.

The energy of life that lives within you, always has and always be your greatest asset to you feeling good about your life, regardless of the world you see.

When we create our own individual wellbeing plans that incorporate things that actually make us feel better, it helps us stay stable and positive during challenging times.

Be sure to have one in place this winter and update as you see fit.

Things that help our overall wellbeing as humans are

Time with others.

Eating nutritional, seasonal foods.


creating our own energy via walking, exercise, hobbies, movement.

Find ways that help you relax and slow down the mind.

Enough sleep.

How you going to make sure you get these needs in this winter amongst the noise of the world?

Making yourself a priority for a while each day is not selfish, it is necessary, so that you turn up to the world with enough conscious awareness and energy to give to others instead of hoping that they fill the void of us.

Turn down the noise of the world, so you can tune into your life inside of you that will allow yourself to be.

Stay open to life's flow.

Much Love as Always,

Mrs B

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