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Permission to get real with your emotions.

Pay attention to how you actually feel, not what you think you should feel.

As a human with a heart, I want you to live a life that you enjoy, whatever that looks like and whatever chapter you are in, find joy within your days. I love seeing people encouraging, supporting and behind others when they are truly in that space, it lights me up inside. I love it when we figure it out enough to know we feel better when we lift others up as well as ourselves and gain enough awareness to account for our own crap that we put onto others.

We are all human, thank goodness for an authentic apology!

In order for us to get to that level of 'happy', we need to be honest not just with ourselves but those around us too. Our thoughts, life and to do lists often distract us from the truth that lies within us. It damages our mind and our bodies in the long run.

We don't have to palm off our emotions with someone has it worse, someone has it better, or anything else we naturally think that prevents us from identifying and dealing with what is going on within us.

I bumped into someone I knew this week, as a highly intuitive person I could feel how they were. When they replied with, all good I looked at them and said it's O.K. to be truthful.

That then allowed the space and permission for us to GET REAL.

When we get real, we allow heavy, dense, blocked energy to be released from ourselves, which creates the feel-good factor. We are no longer weighed down by our troubles that left undealt with build up into bad days, bad weeks, bad months and bad years. It's not just about venting that feeling at the time either, one must take the time to establish the root cause of it and continue to incorporate practices where we are aware of our own mind, body and soul.

We often don't see looping systems in our own life, our brain likes us where we are, even if it doesn't FEEL ok. It's useful for us all to have fresh eyes and warm hearts that help us gain clarity on ourselves.

If we go through life and don't touch base with our core, establish boundaries, establish what makes us feel good as an individual, we can just play out our entire life waiting for life to get better and let ourselves be a ping pong ball, going from one thing to another that keeps us from 'happy 'or full of energy.

That's where I can help. Using my intuition and coaching skills I can offer you a sounding board in a safe environment that allows you to connect back to all that you are within. I will not tell you how to live your life, I will be helping you to re-embody all that you are, and identify things that may be holding you back, working together to establish tangible steps to guide you in the direction you desire. When you have your tool belt sorted, even in the darker times of life, you will be able to hold the light. Like you, I am human, and my biggest job is to pay attention to how I show up for myself and others in this world, making sure it's in a way that I intentionally choose. I have coaches to help me unpick my emotions and programming so I can mind my mind, move my body and soothe my soul. It allows me to show up to life in a way that feels good.

We may not think it, but we all have inner work to do, if you're ready for it. Get in touch.

Don't sell yourself short in this lifetime, there is more to it than meets the eye.

You are an amazing human, your life has value, worth and I am behind you all the way in living a life you enjoy.

Together, we can feel alright.

Much love;

Laura xox

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