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A quick overview of mindfulness for complete beginners.

What is mindfulness?

When we focus on being aware of what we are sensing and feeling in the PRESENT moment, without interpretation or judgment.

Simple Example;

I feel stressed.

No judgement, accept the emotion, let it go.

Everyone will have different practices on what works for them in order to 'LET GO'.

The Seven Principles of Mindfulness

  • Non-judging. The world isn't black and white.

  • Patience. As the saying goes, patience is a virtue.

  • You are always a Beginner, It's easy to lose yourself if you begin to believe that you have heard, seen & experienced everything.

  • Trust.

  • Non-Striving.

  • Acceptance.

  • Letting Go.

If you have never tried mindfulness before, or find it difficult due to a racing busy mind.

I'll give you a few nudges below to try- however, there are hundreds more and it is WHATEVER WORKS FOR YOU.

  • 2 minute guided meditation on mindfulness ( find on you tube for free)

  • A walk in nature with intention to explore trees/ flowers

  • Listening out for the sounds on the way to work

  • looking out for a certain colour on your walk, for example purple

  • Really focusing on your coffee, how it tastes, feels, texture

  • Taking note on how you are feeling in the moment, shoulders? jaw? head, do a body scan.

  • Taking a bath/ shower and sensing how it feels on your body

  • A run and focusing on your breath ( useful for high energies this)

What ever you are doing, it is just about recognizing that you are here. In this moment.

That's all for now folks.

Have fun! Sending much high vibes, love and peace.

Laura xox

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