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Live In The Now

You’ve heard it said before, probably many times, that it’s important to live in the present moment.

This is much easier said than done and if you have full awareness of the now, you have my standing ovation. Well done you. If that's not so much you, read on.

When WE ALLOW our conscious thoughts to be hijacked from past, present and future distractions it can often leave us tight chested, anxious, impatient and worried. We can get caught up with over planning, over compensating and feeling low or like we just can't muster the energy to do anything. The whole 'I can not be bothered attitude'. Welcome to the life of a human, the good news is we have the power to change and shift.

Here's some quick fire ways for you to be in the moment of today. The most important message of all... Action makes progress. Show up for yourself in a mindful manner and you will reap the rewards.

Do a mindful body scan

This simple exercise is a great way to get yourself in a mindful mood and get in touch with your body. Doing this in the morning can also help you get your day off to a good start.

While sitting or lying down on your bed take a few deep, mindful breaths. Seven deep breaths in and out. Notice the way your breath enters and exits your lungs.

Starting with your toes, focus your attention on one part of your body at a time. Pay attention to how that area is feeling and notice any sensations that you are experiencing . After a few moments of focused attention, move up the body until you get to your head.

Take a mindful nature walk

Taking advantage of the natural beauty around us is another good way to cultivate greater mindfulness. The benefits of nature for our mindset is the most underused antidote for stress and anxiety. It's so simple to do but the easiest thing to talk ourselves out of. The rain won't hurt you, yes its cold but but on your winter gear and get out. You will feel better when you return home.

List three things you are grateful of today.

It can be easy to get tired and worn out by the end of the day and let things slip. To help you keep that mindful, try this exercise.

Towards the end of your day talk or write down about the top three things that you felt grateful for that day.

Visualize your daily goals

Visualizing your goals is an excellent method for not only making it more likely that you will follow through on them, it can also help you become more mindful on a regular basis.

I'm behind your progression all the way! I hope today you are able to find pieces of joy, gratitude and love entwined within your life. Much peace, Mrs B

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