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List awareness.

Before i go into 'lists' You should hear that you are already enough, amazing and fabulous.

Now if you are sitting comfortably we shall begin.

Lists are fantastic tools for helping you focus on actions required to get a job done. I personally love a list. My top tip is to be in a conscious mindset when creating your lists. Create a good habit to calve out some time to write it, this enhances your awareness to your expectations against your current commitments in the diary already.

Abraham Lincoln was quoted as saying “ Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the ax. ”

We all have a bank of 'time' that is set to 24 hours a day.

'To do lists' can actually steal our time as must as it can enhance it. If you are feelin stressed or anxious, try the follwong.

Tip 1

Do we really need it all on there in the first place, like I mean, really, really.... will it end the world if the bedsheets went one more day? If the answer is no, save it for another day and prioritize so that you get some down time in your day too and your not just being 'busy' completing your list.

Tip 2

Be clear with what are 'actioning' tasks.

Make sure there are no 'projects' on there that will evaporate your time efficiency.

Here's an example.

Do the washing.

It is in fact a five step process before it's complete.

Sort washing

Put washing on

Dry washing

Sort washing ( fold/ organize)

Put away

This is one small example of how we spend our time bank without even accounting for it. Imagine what else is on your list that is in fact a project more than a task. If you only have actioning tasks on your lists you will be enforcing good habits that your subconscious brain will love.

Revisit your to do list, take a look at what is on it.

Can you do everything you expect of yourself today?

If you answer Yes - great, go on and achieve! I'm Behind you all the way :-)

If the answer upon reflection is no, I'm still behind you all the way.

Split your projects into smaller actionable tasks over a longer time frame so that you are able to feel rewarded by your productivity each day. Be kind to yourself in the process.

A little extra time each day, goes a long way.

Always leave enough room in your daily time budget to deal with five surprise tasks that will pop up. This ensures that you will be ahead - somedays 'level' With your time spending. You will find that by reducing your responsibilities to your 'list' your organic drive, motivation and energy will rise. It's important that you yourself feel like you have completed enough, are enough and have enough rest time. Be as kind and patient to yourself as you would your BFF and your there!

Now go forth and write your awesome lists to compliment your awesome self's.

Lot of Love

Mrs B

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