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Life is not a well defined path.

Regardless of what our brain programming wants us to think.

Our brains want us to follow a well defined path in this world.

It wants to do all it can to stay in charge and keep us safe.

Often the paths that we choose to walk, are ones that are well trodden by those before us or the people we are surrounded by. It is how we end up doing things that intuitively feel wrong for us as individuals and feel backed into corners that make us feel stressed more than blessed.

Have you ever been so convinced that once you 'did that thing' or 'had that thing' you will be happy, but then once you did get it, or achieve it, be surprised with how the reality is playing out ?

What if there was another way. What if we are can grasp that life is not a well defined path for us all and accept that we are all individuals, who's love and happiness requires PERSONAL tools. In knowing we require personal tools it makes us understanding to others too, diluting that pissed off feeling completely.

We do not know what externally will change our life and when life changing events will happen. These can be glorious amazing things as they build us up from the inside out.

Life will flow regardless.

Trying to Control it is a stressor, if we let life unfold, having full confidence in ourselves that we are equip with our own tools if there ever is a crisis, the majority of worries disperse.

Moving into a flow mindset and away from fixed mindsets / growth mindsets will help us in the mental recovery of Covid and the other pandemic no one seems to pay attention too, mental health.

Lets take a chill pill and flow. Together.

Much Love



P.S I am running limited free 121 Sunday sessions to help empower the beautiful souls that want to enter the FLOW. Just because, there's more to life than money.

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