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Intention setting.

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

It is a new week, Yay! How are you feeling?

Here is your reminder to set your intentions from what you would like from it.

What are you seeking from it? productivity? Love? Movement? Hope? Ninja life hacks? Adventure? Motivation?

For me, I am looking for opportunities, people who inspire me, Fun, Laughter and connection within my family and friends and dedication to get some writing done!

When i set my intentions for the week, I am more likely to create these things in my life than leave myself unchecked waiting for someone to create the things for me.

If we go into our days, our weeks and our life without knowing from the inside what it is we are looking for and desire, our brains will certainly start playing into alternative realties that do not serve us and lead us far away from how we want to feel and act. The world can quickly grabs us if we let it.

We do have to deal with life as it comes up, but it is easier to do so if we are aligned. If we forever let the external world dictate to us how life should be, it will be one scary pantomime that is full of doing tasks and staying in our own heads waiting for others to make us feel a particular way. We all have the power to act and intentionally set our worlds up to how we want to see them.

If you don't already, start setting up life from the inside out and let your brain seek it and prove you right!

Hijack yourself often to do the things you don't want too, but you know make you FEEL good after. This way you escape your brains set up and take your power back.

We did not come here to do and let life sweep us away with that process.

Life is too short to get stuck in our own heads and emotional bodies that will weigh us down if we leave them unchecked and unhealed.

Explore your inner world, catapult yourself into the best version of you by aligning your mind body and soul. ( Hopefully you are there and I'm cheerleading you on- yay) however if you want to shift but can't seem too, See the calendar for availability. you are also welcome to take advantage of the Sunday sessions that I run for free.

Why not? connect to me in my inbox and drop me a mail to let me know how you are, how life is treating you and if you have any wins to share let me know! I love all of life's stories from others and would love to hear from you!

I came here to connect, encourage, support and inspire others to know their worth and value from the inside out- what did you come here for?

Have a wonderful Week

Much Love

Mrs B


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