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Five benefits of grounding

Grounding or ‘earthing’ refers the direct skin contact with you and the surface of earth.

It restores the essential electrical connection that is lost in our day to day life.

A simple and effective tool that is backed by science to...

1. Improve sleep balances and circadian rhythms

2. Reduce pain

3. Improve blood flow and reduces blood viscosity

4. Reduce chronic inflammation

5. Help your mind to focus and calm thoughts

… and many many more!

It is completely free All you have to do is work it into your daily routine.

Before dismissing it as a tool that you could use, I urge you to test it out for yourself, get out your comfort zone, Keep a record of how you feel before/ after. Ten minutes a day for 30 days is worth the challenge. Let me remind you, it is completely free, and a catalyst to help Align your mind and body to the pace of life that our external factors create. We got this!

If you need some assistance in finding your tools that help you live your most authentic life, you can book sessions via the online calendar.

Sending you joyful vibes and much love,



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