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Calm your thoughts in meditation

'labelling' - A fantastic tool.

This helps to assist you in Identifying where your thoughts are coming from.

It empowers you to sit calmly in your mind.

Whether you meditate for 1 minute, 5, 10 or more, set your intentions, get comfortable and prepare to label. Ninja style.

It can be progressive to “label” your thoughts before you let them go and return to the breath. You can do this by identifying what the thought relates to and then say the word silently to yourself, visualize it or speak it, what ever feels comfortable to you.

Labeling your thoughts raises your awareness of the kinds of things you think about, It is used as a tool to help silence your thoughts, and calm your sensory system.

Technique 1.

Types of Thoughts

You can label your thoughts in depth if it feels right for you.

You may choose to categorizing the function of the thought.

For example "Future," "planning," "past," "Inner critic," "remember," may float in and out of your awareness throughout your mediation.

Label them, and let them go.

What makes this mediation so useful?

Identify repeating patterns.

This can give you guidance on what to work on out of mediation. For example If inner critic pops up a lot, you may choose to invest some time into some confidence learning.

Technique 2.

Are your thoughts useful?

Identify if you thought is constructive or not. A yes or no answer makes it easy to let go quickly. Find value in the thought as either “useful” or “not useful,” Then let them go and return to your breath.

What makes this mediation so useful?

You can see if you re sitting with useful or un-useful thought patterns.

Enabling you throughout your days to release unnecessary thinking quickly,

As you practice, you may find methods that work better, one of the above techniques may become a favorite, or you can rotate. Whatever works for you is the “right” way.

Have a Wonderful day.

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