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3 tips to circuit break thoughts

Thoughts are POWERFUL!

Our thoughts turn into emotions, our emotions effect our mood and our mood effects our personal energy. Then we pass it on.

OUR THOUGHTS directly impact our ENERGY and health.

In short, Your mind is incredibly powerful. Whilst you can't control all your thoughts, You can become aware of it. You can train and strengthen it like any other muscle in your body.

When we do not allow time for soul food, switch off, gratitude, self awareness or growth, we can quickly fall into subconscious thought patterns.

It becomes very easy for our energy to disperse without us realizing it. Falling into unconscious habits and thought patterns.


In auto pilot mode- we allow the foundations and blueprints for anxiety, stress, overwhelm and 'lack' to emerge in our brains and bodies. If we do not deal with our thoughts, they manifest into physical symptoms, bad moods and health conditions due to our bodies absorbing the stress.

It is natural for humans to fall into this loop.

There is nothing wrong if we feel any of the above. It is the biological set up of us as a human being! External factors always play a part in swinging our life back and forth.

You have the power to jump start yourself.

Escape the mind, get back into your body and jump start your energy. Here are a few suggestions that may help you circuit break thoughts/moods/emotions when in auto pilot mode.

Before you decide 'that it is not for you' - Get out your brain, and just try it.

1. Swap your blue screen for the green screen.

Nature has natural health benefits, half an hour a day and you will feel the difference.

Swap a Netflix episode for a walk out. Take note of how you feel after either activity.

2. Take a cold shower.

I know- your not 'into that'. No one is, just try it and take note of how you feel.

I Dare you to take the challenge.

3. Music makes you move

Stick on your favorite beats that get you going. What happens when your fav tune comes on when your out? You automatically swing and get a lift. Have playlists ready to go for whenever you need to escape your brain and move your body.

We are with our minds and bodies all day everyday.

That means that YOU are the YOU, that YOU need to in order to live YOUR best life.

Be kind to yourself, cultivate time for yourself and remember to save some smiles for yourself.

Much Love

Mrs B

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